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When patients are first told that they have periodontal disease, they are often confused about exactly what this signifies. For most people, periodontal disease occurs due to genetics or having neglected the health of their teeth and its surrounding tissues. Another term for periodontal disease is gum disease, and believe it or not, nearly 45% of Americans have moderate to severe cases of gum disease. The following are the top 5 things you didn’t know about periodontal disease.

Periodontal Disease Begins With Gingivitis

Most people are familiar with the gingivitis, and this is because toothpaste commercials usually warn people about its effects and the importance of everyday oral care. What some people do not know, however, is that periodontitis actually begins with gingivitis as a warning sign. A person’s gums are supposed to be a light pink color, but when they are experiencing gingivitis, their gums can become flaming red and even bleed at the touch. If an individual’s gums are bleeding when they brush their teeth, this is an indication that they should begin flossing their teeth on a daily basis.

Early Stages of Periodontal Disease Can be Reversed

The earliest stage of periodontal disease can be reversed by following a proper oral hygiene regimen, but after a certain amount of time, this disease can progress and need to be treated with periodontics in Cherry Hill. The best thing a patient can do is begin to floss every single day, or in more severe cases; after every single meal. Once the disease has been reversed, however, it is crucial for individuals to keep on practicing the same oral hygiene regimen, as to ensure that their gum disease never returns.

Periodontal Disease Causes Halitosis

One of the most common causes of halitosis is gum disease, and this is because the disease can cause a mouth’s connective tissues to rot and become inflamed. Once this occurs, a foul smell can emanate from a patient’s mouth, only to go to the website be expelled when the affected tissues have been removed by a periodontist in Cherry Hill.

Periodontal Disease Can Lead to Health Complications

While having gum disease might not sound like the most life-threatening disease, it can actually lead to some health complications. For example, pregnant women who have gum disease can go into premature births, while non-pregnant individuals can experience heart disease, lung issues, and even strokes.

Periodontal Disease click here to read Can Result in the Loss of Teeth

When gum disease is at its final stages, it can cause people to lose their teeth. This is because the surrounding tissues are no longer holding onto the roots of teeth, causing them to become mobile and fall out.

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